Month: February 2016

In The News With Justin Woo: Peter Liang

It isn’t often that I see my people, East Asian / Chinese people, assembled in political protest. Even in New York, there are only so many of us. Very often, I’m one of the few APIA (Asian / Pacific Islander American) people there. It’s a lonely feeling. (This isn’t to say that we don’t have a rich history of resistance; but in many struggles today, we are a small group mixed into much larger groups of white, black, and brown faces).

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Mayflower By Claire Shao (age 8)

Mayflower By Claire Shao (age 8)             “Sir, we had a pair of mischievous youngsters running around; and now they are seasick. Hmm! I can’t believe it! I told them to behave. Sorry Captain!” John Clarke’s face was turning bright red with embarrassment as he tried to explain, “I’ll….” “Nonsense,” said the Captain Christopher; “Just go alert Mary Ann, the ship nurse.” And with that, off John Clarke went; but when he found out he was going the wrong, he turned around and rushed off the other way. Yet, finding himself heading in the wrong direction again, he hurried the other way with his face beet red and feet clomping loudly on the oak floors. **********             “Sir, we have a man overboard named Nicholas Johnson. We must hurry!” shouted another mate, Robert. “Well! What are you standing here for? Go ring the bells!” yelled a very furious-looking, Captain Christopher. The frightened Robert dashed away, as if the wooden planks were on fire by a ferocious dragon. Little did they know, there would be a ferocious dragon. **********             “It’s just too much work,” screamed Christopher at the top of his lungs. Just after he said that he heard a big, “Thump;” he shook his head and imagined John Clarke bumping into one obstacle and another;...

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Holy Cow By John J. Petrolino III

Just a small dash of milk to my coffee
lifts the heat and takes away bitterness.
At five Ante Meridiem,
the universe cracks open, light and warmth
Spread across the Verdant Mountain valley.

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