Month: January 2016

Glass By Penny Hill

It was the way she stumbled through the door
The redness of her hazy eyes,
The thinness of her voice
slurring sounds that made no sense

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Little House of Words, Juditha Dowd

Chas thought of himself as a plainspoken guy. It bugged him when Diane used language tricks—metaphors, maxims, things like that—especially when she used them to make points during a spat. Diane’s “sayings,” he called them.

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FROM VAMPIRE, Justin Campana

FROM VAMPIRE, Justin Campana   I know what happened. I know how I did it. Now, I need to know how to fix this. What happened before is a long story. I lived in Transylvania, living with my strict, strict mother and my even stricter father. But every vampire is raised that way. It’s to make us the best. School is no better either. If we got an answer wrong, we’d be lectured hard. So, I studied every answer two hundred times each. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. So what happened was I needed to take a three day vacation. “Goodbye,” I said to my mother, Paranella, kissing her as I exited the doors. “Goodbye Arkay,” she said to me.   The vacation was fun. I went to Obrosophogus, a place where vampires can do what they please. I sat down and read this book called Dracula, and I found it rude how they treated him at the end. But when I came back, I was revealed a sudden surprise. Everything was gone. The houses were chunks of wood. Every vampire’s remains were on the grass. And my parents! I quickly ran over to my castle, which wasn’t that far away, and saw that it was on the ground too. And my mother’s dress, her beautiful purple dress with a red design on the bottom, was...

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Thought you knew I was married, man. Have a wife and a daughter. Still married–on paper. Been almost seven years since we been together. Haven’t seen either of them since. But I still think about her, my daughter, I mean.

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