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Violet Night By Sam Ofman

Scott pushed through the windowless door, leaning his shoulder against the burgundy wainscoting in anticipation of its heft. The door gave easily and he stumbled inside before righting himself. He could still feel the vibrations in his limbs, like those of an approaching train.


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Losing Touch By Tom McElligot

It was late afternoon when I called to see John. He sat in the kitchen twiddling with a piece of burned toast, orange chipped marmalade dripping slowly from a yellow buttery meltdown onto his dishevelled trousers.

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Yes, it’s going to wreck our search volume.

So I’m purposefully asking my editor to publish this two or three weeks after I write it. Yes, it’s going to wreck our search volume. Yes, it means less people are going to read this.   There are too many #whitetears trying to...

"I believe that every person is born with talent."

 Maya Angelou

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